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Okay, So Maryland IS Still in It For Lance


Can't wait until April 1st, so this thing will be over. The consistent jerking around is getting a bit tired. That said, this is fantastic news.

Lance Stephenson says he has already made up his mind about college.

He’s just not ready to announce it to the world yet.

"I already know where I’m going," the 6-foot-5 Stephenson said Wednesday afternoon at a press conference at Madison Square Garden in advance of Saturday’s PSAL championship game. "I been having it in my head about a week ago."

Asked why he didn’t just announce right then, Stephenson smiled and said, "It’s not the right place."

Stephenson said he will attend either "St. John’s, Maryland [or] Kansas" and that he talks with coaches from each school every day.

Of course, Zags says that Maryland is out of it per his source, but not according to Lance. Obviously, Lance could say Maryland is in it and they aren't (that's what many believe he's doing with SJU; more attention from more places directed to him, which is a great way to showcase to future sponsors) but so far it's still one against several.

He's still committing on April 1 at the McD's AA game. That's 14 days from now. It's also April Fool's Day, meaning at least half of the Maryland fans won't believe it until April 2nd.

Also, he says he made his decision a week ago. Guess when the Maryland buzz started to really pick up out of NYC? Yep, about a week ago. Could be a coincidence, or could be an indicator.