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Uh Oh: Maryland Out of it for Lance?

Zagsblog has a new blog post, detailing Lance Stephenson's plans to announce his decision on April 1. He also dropped a tidbit at the very end.

He also took a much-discussed official visit to Maryland but a source with knowledge said Maryland is basically out of the picture.

Honestly, I'm calling BS on this. Not saying Zags is a bad reporter, but this is way too fishy for me to believe.

First, you don't quietly drop this at the end of a blog post. "Oh yeah, the past leader is suddenly out of the picture right now." No reasons given, no elaboration whatsoever. If it's true that they're out, why not feature it? That's a huge deal, not something worthy of a mention in passing.

Second, who exactly is his source? There are plenty of guys in the know in NYC who are saying Maryland is in infinitely better shape than SJU, or is even the leader right now. Honestly, very few people think the Johnnies have a shot at all anymore outside of Zags himself. We have one vs. several right now, and despite Zags' knowledge of the NYC basketball scene, he's also a pretty big homer. Just saying SJU is a "likely destination" takes away 1/3 of his credibility.

With those two things out of the way, this recruitment has been legitimately insane. You never know what will happen with Born Ready. It would surprise me, but I wouldn't be utterly stunned if Lance decided to up and drop the Terps in favor of SJU. I'd actually label Kansas as the leader right now, so I really wouldn't be surprised there. It's highly unlikely in the SJU case, but it could happen. I still think have the Terps as a good chance. This is too big of a deal to take one guy's word; I'll wait until I hear a confirmation.