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Tuesday Links: Lance Stephenson, Women's Basketball

Should have the Q&A with Cal up late tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, I will distract you with links to others' work.

  • Maryland's women's basketball team garnered a #1 seed in the NCAAT, luckily on the opposite side of the bracket as UConn. The Lady Terps are really getting hot at the right time, I wouldn't be shocked to see a Final Four run. This really is their best team since the Natty a few years ago, and it might be better than that. Unfortunately, UConn might be unbeatable this year. It'd certainly be an entertaining game should the two meet in the finals.
  • This throws a wrench in my countdown plan. Looks like Lance won't announce on Saturday. It had been reported earlier by other outlets, but now there's no one at all saying he'll commit on Saturday. It's the crippling blow for Saint John's, and it isn't particularly bad for Maryland. More than likely, he'll commit April 1 at the McD's All-American game. There's more publicity there than any other option. It's too close to make a prediction as to where Lance will go, but I actually like the Terps' chances. A lot of NYC guys seem to think he'll be a Terp.
  • There's some more news that, if it's not great per se, it's really cool: Lance actually talks with Jay-Z after games. He's also been known to have chats with Fat Joe. It sounds weird, but Maryland could be the "cool" school again. If a young up-and-coming recruit hears Maryland mentioned in a Hova or Fat Joe rap (even if it's only done because they're referencing Lance), I'm pretty sure he'd be interested in the Terps right away.
  • Greivis Vasquez is really, really good, but you already know that. Well, so do the Cal Gold Bears. They don't seem to know too much about him other than "he's great", but it's pretty powerful that his reputation travels across the country when the Terps get so little national play. For instance, I had no idea who Jerome Randle was before Maryland drew Cal.
  • I find it funny in the above link that they say the Cal player closest to Greivis is a freshman named Jorge Gutierrez. I don't know much about Cal outside of my time playing as them in NCAA Basketball 09 in Dynasty Mode (one year, before I moved on to Tennessee), but Gutierrez is 6-3, 185. He also appears to be a shooter. Neither of those are close to Vaz's game. Wonder what's similar?