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Monday Afternoon Links

Yesterday was selection Sunday, so of course everyone has their opinions on who'll do well, who'll lose early, and who the Cinderella team could be. Maryland actually seems pretty popular.

  • The AP has Maryland winning their game against Cal in the first round: "The Terrapins have triumphed in some must-win games lately, and the Golden Bears haven't." They aren't so kind in the second round.
  • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has Maryland as the Cinderella of the West bracket. I still imagine Memphis would destroy the Terps, but we said that about UNC.
  • No link, but a lot of TV and radio analysts like the Terps. I've heard quite a lot of "Memphis isn't too happy getting Maryland in the second round." Personally, I think Memphis is a horrible matchup and they have a chip on their shoulder because they didn't get a 1 seed. Not a good combo. Lance Stephenson is supposed to announce that day. That means  we're either in for a horrible day or the best day ever.
  • Seems like Dave Leitao is out at Virginia. Combining this with Frank Haith's possible exit from Miami, and it looks like the ACC is refreshing coaches this year. Here's hoping to Sidney Lowe 2.0 for both.
  • This one's for you, tiimbitz: Jay Bilas defends Gary Williams in a radio interview. It's an extremely passionate defense, and even though it's all the same arguments (both sides have been recycling figures for quite some time), it's worth reading.
  • Jeff Barker at the Sun has an early look at Cal. Interesting enough, though not much different from ours. Cal is a pretty cut-and-dry team, honestly: it's clear what they're good and bad at.