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It's Selection Sunday: Where Do the Terps Stand?


Today is the day we all sweat and prepare ourselves for two possible options: a euphoric high or a miserable low. Luckily for us, the Terps are looking very good right now.

I've been saying to ignore Joe Lunardi's brackets recently, but now it's time to pay attention. He's known to get leaks from committee members, so start really paying attention to him today; the closer it gets to decision time, the more correct his bracket will be. Right now, he has Maryland in the last four in category. In his bracket, the Terps are an 11 seed playing Arizona State (a matchup that does not favor Maryland) with a possibility of Villanova in the second round (that I'm okay with). More interestingly, however, is that Jerry Palm has the exact same matchup for Maryland in the first round. In the second round, he has them going against Missouri (which is better than Villanova).

The Bracket Project Matrix, which indexes 55 brackets' selections, is a nice little way to figure out the consensus on a team's chances. Maryland is currently in on 37 of the 55 brackets, which puts them as one of the last teams in. Regardless, they are in, and a consensus 11 seed. Guess who's a consensus 6 seed? Yep, Arizona State. Looks like this matchup might just happen.

If I had to choose, I'd put Maryland as an 11. If I could choose, they'd be a 12 seed and play LSU or Purdue. The difference between 6 and 5 is smaller than the difference between 4 and 3, and I'm looking ahead.

Remember: the brackets are out at 6:00. I'll have an open thread pretty soon.