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Calling All Terp Fans: Bracket Challenge

Everyone loves filling out their brackets in March, and it'll be especially sweet this year - Maryland's is looking very good for an NCAA bid right now. SBN has partnered up with Comcast SportsNet for a bracket challenge type deal, and we're getting the DC area blogs together for a showdown, which is a great chance for us to embarrass all the other local blogs. Japers' Rink readers will face off against Bullets Forever readers for Verizon Center dominance, Baltimore Beatdown regulars will go against Hogs Haven guys, and Federal Baseball and Camden Chat will go at it. As for you Terp fans? Well, we just get to show our superiority over all of them.

Either click this link or click the big ad with the CSN logo (should be right below this post, probably will be above it soon) telling you to click on it. Just register, click the "Interact" link up at the top on the menu bar, then "Join a Group". Search for Testudo Times, and join up to prove Maryland's dominance.

Oh, and there's swag on the line. First place grabs a 42" Sony TV, while second spot gets a Nintendo Wii, and the bronze medal earns a year's supply of Vitamin Water (is it wrong to want to get third in this contest?). Beating up on all the other local blogs gets you nothing except bragging rights, but oh will they be sweet.