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Friday the 13th News and Notes

I couldn't say "links" today because two of them doesn't have a link. Instead, we have "News and Notes". I used "News + Notes" posts extensively in my previous blogging endeavors, so I'm getting a bit nostalgic. On to the news:

  • Maryland got a big win over NCSt to get themselves back in the discussion, and bracketologists have responded. First, Joe Lunardi has Maryland still in the Next Four Out category right now. However, I officially disbelieve everything he says ever from his very second. He has Creighton in over Maryland, Arizona, and Florida. In case you didn't get that, let me repeat: Creighton. You think Maryland can't win must-win games? This is the same Creighton that lost by 24 against Illinois State in the MVC tournament. They have a SoS of 110. Their best win is over Dayton. If anyone uses the "consistency" argument, I'll flip. I refuse to believe that they'll get in the tournament
  • Another bracketologist has Maryland in the tournament: Jerry Palm puts Maryland as an 11 seed. I wouldn't mind a matchup with LSU with a possible second round "Battle for Lance Stephenson" against Kansas. Then again, Palm also has Creighton in, so...
  • Eric Hayes had an outstanding game yesterday, and it looks like that was emotionally influence: an "adopted family member" - Chip Lozinak - passed away on Wednesday, and Hayes is playing with him in mind, it seems.
  • Quick note on Wake: I don't really think Maryland needs to win the game, per se. If they keep it close and play Wake tight (think how VT played UNC) the committee may take notice of that as much as they would a win over Wake. A lot of bubble teams are starting to die out, so the road is slightly easier, and a win may be more than we need (not that I'd turn it down). On another, more cynical note, there aren't any DC area teams in the tourney right now, and though I doubt that will really affect the committee's decisions, you never really know. After all, they want to keep all areas of the nation involved for financial reasons, which is why I highly doubt only two SEC teams get in, as some have been saying.
  • On Lance Stephenson, there has been a decent amount of rumors surrounding him recently. A lot of fans had begun to look negatively at the situation, believing him to be a longshot and done to Kansas. Funnily enough, a decent amount of Kansas fans feel the same way (done to Maryland, not Kansas). Third parties - St. John's fans, for example - are split down the middle. There have also been rumors that Lance is a Maryland lean right now, though those aren't from the most reputable sources. Again, this isn't news - these are simple rumors, nothing more, and they don't necessarily indicate the situation. The Stephenson family appears to be shutting down and not picking up any calls from media members, so hard news is hard to come by. There are three possible dates for him to commit - I've heard March 21 (about a week from now), April 1st (McD's game), and April 15.