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Thursday Links

Some light reading before the big game tonight.

  • The Baltimore Sun has a big story on the state of Gary Williams - it's a good read, and is a bit more balanced than Prisbell's exposes (how do you make that weird e with the line above it?).
  • Looks like Kansas is going hard after Lance Stephenson: they've sent in their big guns, specifically Danny Manning. Where's Juan?
  • Wondering how big of an impact Gary has on boosters? Owner of the Ravens, Steve Bisciotti, seems to be best friends with GW. Will his donations drop after Gary's gone: "Bisciotti said his connection to the school - he has donated more than $1million even though he attended what was then Salisbury State - won't be the same after Williams retires. 'I won't be flying home from Florida on a Tuesday for a game. I do that to support my friend,' said Bisciotti." Even worse, in the first link, he mentions he's a "great supporter of Gary Williams rather than a great supporter of Maryland basketball." I'm not going to turn him away, but he doesn't sound as enthused about the university as I'd like a booster to be.
  • Maryland had their Pro Day yesterday, and word is that Darius Heyward-Bey really impressed. He "runs extremely smoothly and is adept at catching the ball." He seems to be a lock for a top 20 pick.