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Vasquez to Test NBA Waters

Before you freak out, it's not that big of a deal (h/t Terrapins Insider):

Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez said he plans to declare for the NBA draft after the season and compete in pre-draft camps before he decides whether he will return for his senior season at Maryland.

Vasquez said declaring for the draft is a smart move for him because he will be able to see where he stacks up against other top guards across the country, adding: “Just to see where I am at, just to see who is going to be my competition. Probably Jeff Teague [of Wake Forest] will go to the camps because he thinks he is going to be a first-round pick. It will get me better, so if I come back I know what I will have to work on.”

This is common practice in the NCAA now; almost everyone with a shot will declare and see how they stack up. Scouts will approach them and tell them what's good and bad with their game as it is, and it gives them a chance to work on certain things when they come back.

Very rarely do they actually decide to follow through with it. It's a clue on what to improve on. I doubt Vaz would get selected if he went pro this year - Europe seems to be a bigger threat than the NBA in that regard. I also found his comments on Lance Stephenson interesting:

Vasquez talked about how far Maryland can go next season if he plays alongside Lance Stephenson, the highly rated guard from Brooklyn, N.Y. Stephenson is also considering Kansas and St. John’s in addition to Maryland.


“My goal is to win a national championship. But, in the meantime, we’ve got to get Lance [Stephenson]. With a big-time scorer I can guarantee you a lot of things.”

This seems to corroborate the theory of Lance increasing the odds of Vaz staying, and with good reason. Stephenson takes the pressure of Vasquez, and really opens it up. Teams can't put their top defender on Vaz all the time. If they do, he'll have plenty of assist opportunities to Lance. Not to mention the increased profile and notoriety he'd gain by playing on a team that competes with the heavies in the ACC on a regular basis.