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Vinson Down to Four

Terp target Terrell Vinson is down to just four more teams on his list, and Maryland is one of them. The other three schools the four star senior wing is considering are UMass, Cincinnati, and Charlotte. Vinson was committed to Loyola Marymount, but decomitted recently. Obviously, there's some trouble with Maryland, as the Terps have no open schollies and are currently pursuing a top talent in Lance Stephenson, but there's a good chamce that two schollies will open up anyway.

To me, it soinds like Vinson is slightly leaning Terps roght now, which is good news. Unfortunately, he's taking a backseat to Lance right now, which means there's a good chance he won't have the chance to committ. Vinson is a good player, a great hustler, and a semi-consostent scorer, but he's not a gamechanger, at least at the moment. That's not to say he's not an ACC caliber player, but he's not quite an all-star. If another scholarship somehow becomes available and Vinson takes it, I could see this class being one of the best ones in recent memory.

Sorry for any and all screw ups, I'm posting from mobile right now. I'll throw in a link when I get back in front of a normal computer. In the meantime, check the Recruiting Report at the Sun's website.