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Maryland-North Carolina St. Game Thread

Next Game

Maryland Terrapins
@ N.C. State Wolfpack

Sunday, Mar 1, 2009, 7:30 PM EST
RBC Center

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Some good omens for Maryland: it's spring break at NCSt, meaning there will be very few students there, because they're all in Dayton getting ****faced. Those that aren't will almost certainly be deterred from making their way out there due to the foot or so or snow. Good news.

Not a must win game for Maryland, but I certainly won't be feeling comfortable if Maryland loses. I'm tired of saying it, but 2-1 + 1 and we're in. I don't think they'll disappoint, especially if they play as well as the UNC and Duke games.

Don't sleep on the Wolfpack, though. They're actually a pretty good team, and have a pretty big size advantage.

Still, Maryland has the edge in guards and coaching by a bigger amount than NCSt wins the size advantage. Prediction: Terps 76, NCSt 69.