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Bubble Watch Roundup and Sunday Links

Saturday was actually a pretty positive day for Maryland. Sure, a few teams got huge wins that'll hurt, but it certainly could've been worse. Maryland ended up going 8-6, including knocking a few out officially.

Unfortunately, the "wins" for Maryland were mostly against teams that are already either pretty certain to be in or pretty certain to be out. The Ohio State loss was big, as was Virginia Tech, but outside of that, it was relatively quiet. Of course, Georgetown got themselves back into the conversation, and Oklahoma State really solidified their bid. But it wasn't a disaster, and Maryland isn't much worse off than they were on Friday.

If you want to see the games individually, check out the Saturday open thread.

Some links:

  • Terps lacrosse has bounced back from the loss to Georgetown pretty well. Even if we can't beat Duke at basketball, we can whoop 'em in lacrosse.
  • Good story on Jimmy Patsos from John Feinstein. It's a shame he had to leave. He'll probably get an interview for the job when Gary retires.
  • Yeah, only two links. Whatever, slow day.