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Mid-(ACC)Season Thoughts


Guess what it says.

Every other Maryland blog was posting something on the midseason mark, and though I think it's an especially arbitrary date to evaluate the team, I suppose I will too.

  • Everyone knew that, with the lack of solid post depth, Maryland would need a big year from Greivis Vasquez to even sniff the tourney. Frankly, Vaz has been pretty average. I'm not trying to knock him, and I do like him - there are plenty of games that he won for the Terps that would've been losses otherwise. But, unfortunately, the team isn't yet strong enough to avoid a loss on a day when Greivis doesn't show up fully. In Maryland's 14 wins, Greivis statline is about 18 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, a 2.4 assist/turnover ratio, and 41% FG%. In Maryland's 8 lossses, his statline is about 11 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, a 1.03 assist/turnover ration, and a 28% FG%. The killer is FG%, especially because Greivis doesn't exactly shy away from taking shots. It's clear that if Maryland wants a chance to sniff the postseason, GV needs to play his best every game.
  • It's also worth noting the effect that the fans, or Gary, or whoever, had on him after the Georgia Tech game. He seemed determined to not make any mistakes at all, which forced him into making mistakes. Before that game: 18 points, 6 boards, 5 assists, 2.5 turnovers, 1.87 assist/turnover ratio, 40% FG%. After that game: 12 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 turnovers, 1.5 assist/turnover ratio, 30% FG%. He decreased in every category. Also, note how similar this comparison is to the one in the above bullet. Coincidence? Maybe.
  • I understand that it's extremely possible that both of the above comparisons have their "switch" from good to bad at about the start of ACC play, and yes, that could be a factor. I might seriously consider that if Greivis didn't play his best in big games and hadn't changed his style of play so severely after that game.
  • Landon Milbourne has been just outstanding. His statline (13.3, 5.5) is a little misleading because he had some poor games early on, but he's really come into the PF position. He's rebounding very well, and scoring well from the interior. If we could get him to stop taking those mid-range jumpers, we'd be in the clear. As it stands, he's easily the best post threat on the team, and while it's not that big of an accomplish with this lineup, he deserves a lot of credit for the transformation.
  • Likewise, Sean Mosely has really developed. Most thought he'd be a contributor early, but I was expecting some limited minutes until late in ACC play. He got some minutes in the Old Spice Classic, and his play dictated more. At first he was a glue guy - he made his living on defense and hustle. Recently, though, his offensive game has really developed - he's hitting the jumpers and tough shots inside that weren't falling earlier. He has the potential to be All-ACC not too far in the future.

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  • Hate to beat the dead progression horse, but Adrian Bowie has done it too. I've always loved Bowie since he first stepped on the court at Comcast - I love his style of play. He's great in transition, and he's come into his own as a point guard - a position the team was lacking. His outside game still needs some help still, and he needs to cut down on the fouls, but he's a very exciting guy to watch.
  • Put me in the Dave Neal love camp. As someone I couldn't stand early in the year, he's become a senior leader and outside threat - probably the best one Maryland has. I do wish people would stop it with the "YMCA skills" stuff, though. DN would dominate a YMCA pickup game.
  • Not everything can be good. Cliff Tucker has seen very few minutes. Early in the year, I agree with Gary that he didn't exactly deserve them, but the shutouts he's been getting are a little bit uncalled for. He obviously has something to offer the team - he was the best player against UNC.
  • Also, Eric Hayes has had some tough times. I've never thought of him as what most UMD fans have, apparently, but he certainly hasn't lived up to anyone's expectations. When he doesn't hit outside shots or drive the lane aggresively, I can't really validate keeping him in there.
  • Braxton comment.
  • Maryland has a pretty tough schedule for the rest of the year four of them are against highly ranked teams (Clemson, Wake, Duke, UNC) and the other four teams aren't exactly slackers, either (with the exception of Virginia). This is actually a blessing in disguise - if the Terps ended with a crappy schedule, a good finish wouldn't have meant much. With the final few games they have, even a decent finish is a big boon, if only to the guys' self-esteem.