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James Franklin Officially Named Head Coach In-Waiting

Because it just wasn't obvious enough before.

Maryland is expected to name assistant head coach/offensive coordinator James Franklin as head coach in waiting, has learned.

In recent seasons, several NFL teams have pursued Franklin. Tampa Bay most recently made a run at Franklin. To keep him in College Park, Maryland officials are expected to announce the move in coming days. Current head coach Ralph Friedgen, who turns 62 in April, is entering his ninth year at Maryland. He has a 64-36 record with six bowl appearances.

Is it just a faulty memory here, or wasn't this stipulated in Franklin's contract? I could've sworn it was, so I don't see how this changes anything. Even if it wasn't, this was blatantly obvious.

I'm torn on this. I hate to name someone head coach before the job even opens up (especially someone who's part of the team performed as poorly as JF's did at times last year). You never know who'll pop up: Turner Gill and Tommy Tuberville are two obvious ones that I'd take in a heartbeat.

On the flip side, it's a great recruiting tool. Players know who the coach will be, which is a gigantic boost. Also, Franklin's always seemed a little bit better (from what I've seen) as a motivator then an actual coach. Maybe HC will fit him well?

What say you?