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Bubble Watch: Saturday Open Thread

Meant to get this started earlier, but there's still a lot of games on the slate that are impactful. Updates from all the games will be in the comments section, and there'll be updates in the post once games are official.

Georgetown over Villanova, 56-54: Uh oh. Georgetown was considered to be out of it (rightly so) but this game gives some real credibility to their bid. When you consider that they have some huge wins and the hardest SoS in the nation, their resume is starting to look good. No need to worry yet - it's still looking bad for them right now, but a strong finish will get them in.

Texas A&M over Iowa State, 87-59: Iowa State kept it close but ended up getting blown out. Texas A&M is looking really good right now in terms of the buble, especially if they make a run late in the B12 tournament. They're only .500 in the Big 12, though, which could make some of the committee do a double take.

UConn over Notre Dame, 72-65: Notre Dame is pretty much done. This would've been a huge win, but unless they get four straight in the Big East tourney, Notre Dame has no chance. First favorable outcome for the Terps today.

Washington over Arizona, 83-78: Arizona is pretty much in anyway, but the longer they linger, the better. Always a chance they could fall apart.

Duke over Virginia Tech, 72-65: Thank god, I can go back to hating Duke now. That was really painful. Also, the final minute lasted forever. If VT loses their final 2, they have to have a giant ACCT to get in.

LSU over Kentucky, 73-70: Not only was this a great game, it was big for the Terps. The committee always likes Kentucky, but they can't justify putting them in when they are consistently beat by the very few decent teams in the SEC.

Dayton over Temple, 70-65: Temple is finished. That makes it five in a row for the Terps.

Purdue over Ohio State, 75-50: Just losing to Purdue isn't a big deal for Ohio State. But losing by 25 could leave a sour taste in some mouths.

BYU over Utah, 63-50: That's bad news. Even though BYU's resume is still middling in regards to actually good teams, the win gives them a great conference W and if one looks only at numbers (RPI currently 23) it'll look pretty good.

Oklahoma St. over Texas, 68-59: All OkSt needed to complete their resume was a "defining win". I'm not sure you can call Texas that, but it's possible if only by name recognition. It's actually arguable that Texas is now on the bubble. Indeed, if they can't get 20 wins and have a supbar B12 tourney, I could see them being left out.