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Friday Afternoon Links: Lance Stephenson, Bracketology, More

Completely unrelated to the topics at hand, but anybody else a fan of The Killers? I've been had all of Day & Age on repeat for the past week.

  • Adam Zagoria had an interview with Lance Stephenson a few days ago, which he posted on his blog yesterday. Not too much valuable info, but it seems the "savior complex" doesn't really exist. He seemed to like Kansas, but you never know. He seemed a little down on SJU compared to what he normally says, but you don't know. He also appears to be aiming for a March 21 commitment date, which refutes the April 15 date we heard earlier.
  • Even if one of those rumors ended up being false, another was true: Lance appears to have dropped Wake (premium link). That means it's officially a three-dog race, but unofficially it's likely between Maryland and Kansas. I still contend he'd be a huge get, not only for recruiting in-roads and name recognition, but because there are some "one player away" games. Does this team fail to close against Morgan St., Miami, and Florida State if Lance Stephenson is there? I don't think so.
  • Joe Lunardi has updated his Bracketology. Honestly, I put no weight in this whatsoever, as there's too much to be played and Lunardi is an idiot anyway, but sometimes he gets inside info (he's more of a rumor collector than an actual analyst) which means that you can't just throw out what he says. Right now, Maryland is in the "Last 4 Out". I'm tired of saying it, so I won't, but I've made my opinion clear as to what the Terps need to get in.
  • Terp alum Dominique Foxworth is headed back to Maryland - signed a four year deal with the Ravens. On the topic of FA, gigantic (literally) signing for the Redskins with Albert Haynesworth. Is that one of the biggest contracts ever? Is Haynesworth really that good? I'm dieing to see the Skins fit Haynesworth, Hall, Canty, and Dockery under the cap.
  • Louis Young has decomitted from Stanford. He's a lot of schools, and Maryland is among them. Good news - Young is a great cornerback.
  • Maybe CJ Brown can play basketball for the Terps, in addition to suiting up at QB? 18 points and 15 rebounds in a playoff game is no joke.