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Next Day Thoughts

Having slept following that horrible loss, I think I can reflect better on yesterday's game.

- I was at the game and the crowd was awesome, especially the students. Operation Scheyerface 2.0 was fantastic.

- There are few thing I loath more in college basketball then officials deciding and dictating game play. Maryland had 3 players foul out...3!! I'm not saying that a whistle here and there would have resulted in the Terps winning, especially since there were some calls the officials did and didn't make on Duke as well, but the officials refused to let both teams just play and it was beyond frustrating.

- The 5th foul on Vasquez was horrible and non-existent. I feel like if MD either had a decent lead or was losing be a lot, Gary would have definately gotten a technical because he would have really given it to the officials, but because the game was close, he held back. He did say this in his post-game press conference: "Very physical game. It's interesting. As you know, I can't say anything."

- The Terps seemed lost and out of sync once Vasquez fouled out of the game.

- The Terps played great defense in the first half, making Duke take several possessions down to the end of the shot clock.

- Dave Neal's screen on Smith, followed by a 3 pointer, made the roof come off at Comcast

Dave Neal hard screen on Nolan Smith (via 513official2)

- Duke made a few 3 pointers when it mattered, both daggers.

- Maryland, the best free-throw shooting team in the ACC, struggled from the line last night, going 15-25 from the line, missing several front ends of 1 and 1's. In a game like this, where the officials were whistle happy, having an off night at the line was the difference in the game.

- Duke's "inside" players like Zoubek are terrible. Singler is good, but past him, Duke stinks. I think it was illustrated perfectly at the end of the first half, when Zoubek had the ball 2 feet from the basket and Landon Milbourne (who, granted, can jump pretty high), stuffed him. Zoubek is 7'1"! He's also a junior who hasn't developed at all. He also jumps like an elephant...the rest of Duke's inside presence? The only thing they're good at is passing the ball.

- This team has come a long way in the last month. I think they can take care of business against UVA and NC State and maybe give Wake a good game, they have a decent shot of making the NCAA's, especially if they win a game or two in the ACC Tourney.

- Virginia Tech's win over Clemson is VERY hurtful to the Terps. Fortunately, Va. Tech still has a brutal schedule remaining, but they need to not win any more big games or they're taking a at-large spot away from the Terps.

- I'm not saying it will happen, but this team could make an 2004 ACC tournament type run, with Vasquez carrying the team in the same way that Gilchrist did. I'm just saying this team has shown it can indeed play with the big boys in the conference. And being on a neutral court, anything is possible...

What are your thoughts from the game last night?