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Tuesday Reading List

Yeah, it's another links story. I'll have a look at Duke later today, but not yet.

  • Maryland picked up another football recruit when I wasn't looking - Jeremiah Wilson, a CB from Winchester, Va. Matt Bracken from the Sun had an article on him, and he mentioned that Wilson grew up a Terps fan. Always good to get those guys.
  • If you think Brent Musberger was hard to swallow, you better gird your loins for Wednesday - Maryland gets Mike Patrick. Look at the bright side - Jay Bilas is the color guy. Still, not even he can pull up Patrick's performance these days.
  • Joe Smith is nearing the end of his career, and a lot of playoff teams want him. He is, somewhat surprisingly, staying loyal to OKC. The article linked is actually pretty good. It's always nice to read up on a Terp alum.
  • Do you remember the "This is Why Duke Sucks" video from a year ago? Well, Duke has made their official rebuttal, named "This is Why they Hate". It mentions that Maryland will be president in 2028, rails against profanity in a rap song, and even pulls out the "not our rivals" line. Worse, the guy "rapping" sounds like he's a 95 year old women with lung cancer speaking through a stoma. But it's still hilarious.