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Monday Morning Links

  • More good news for Terp alums - Steve Blake set the NBA record for assists in a quarter yesterday, with 14 in the first quarter. Read that again. 14 assists is an accomplishment - he had them in the first quarter. He only ended up with 17, though, so that's a disappointment.
  • Renardo Sidney committed to USC yesterday, after dropping UCLA. How does this relate to Maryland? Well, besides being more of a headcase than Lance Stephenson is (and I mean that in the best way possible), it also fills up a scholarship for USC. It also puts another top dog in SoCal. All this adds up to Lance dropping USC, and fast. No way he goes to the same school as another top 5 recruit - he wants to be the star. Even though UCLA, Wake (supposedly), maybe Miami, and a few others are still in it, I consider it a race between Kansas, Maryland, and SJU at this point, at least until he visits another school. I don't think he'll end up at Kansas, especially with how that visit went according to a few sources (paying more attention to Maryland on the scoreboard than the game in front of him), so that makes it between SJU and Maryland. He's supposed to take a visit to SJU sometime soon, but the scheduling hasn't actually taken place yet. I don't think Maryland's the favorite yet, but they have a great chance at this.
  • Greivis Vasquez is becoming a pop culture reference or something. Iowa beat Michigan (which is bad for Maryland) apparently motivated by GV's heroic performance. "We told him he should be like Greivis Vasquez and have a triple double," Iowa’s Devan Bawinkel said, referring to Maryland point guard whose triple-double helped the Terrapins upset North Carolina in overtime on Saturday. Cool.