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More on Jordan Williams; Hey-Bey Has His Own Website Now

After all the news Jordan Williams has made today, I did a quick video search to see if I could track down any highlights. Lucky day, I found not only highlights, but also an interview. Check 'em out:


I don't know how old they are - the dates suggest they're pretty recent, but the record (11-3 for the Terps, apparently) seem to indicate a much earlier date.

Either way, they're both pretty sweet to see. It's obvious from the highlights how big of a physical advantage he has, which is a bit disconcerting. Still, I don't what the competition is, the numbers (and his form) are impressive.

Meanwhile, DHB is getting the hype train rolling early, with a new site (technically, it's not just him, but still) called It's part of a project that has several top prospects posting videos and whatnot, and DHB appears to actually update his, unlike others that we know (*ahem*James Gist*ahem*Tahj Holden*ahem). Hmmm...maybe we could get him here to Testudo Times?