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Jordan Williams Makes Sports Center Top 10; Great Story about him in Baltimore Sun

Jordan Williams' backboard-breaking dunk was the #2 "Top Ten" play on Sportscenter on Thursday.

ESPN was a little late to the party, but it was cool to see him there.  They mentioned he was going to Maryland, but made it sound like that wasn't 100%, which is BS.

They also said he was a McDonalds All-American runner-up, but I'm not sure what that means or if it's true...


There is also a great story about Jordan in today's Baltimore Sun. You can read it here. I think Jordan might need some time to adjust to ACC play, but he should be starting from day 1, get some experience in the begining of the season and hopefully work up to ACC play come January. He might hit a wall once the Terps get into ACC play next year, but even if he struggles scoring, he'll be a great big body in the paint to grab boards and will probably still provide a greater offensive presence then MD's current inside game.

My favorite part of the story involves the opposing fans taunting Williams while he was at the line chanting "What's a Terp?" He responded on the next play by breaking the backboard and staring down the taunting fans.  There is also some additional items with the story that are posted in Jeff Barker's blog that talk about why Jordan likes Gary and about Gary visiting Jordan's family, which contradicts a lot of things said in part of the Washington Post's 3 part series that was published last week (Part 1 of that series was garbage, by the way).

Anyway, I think Jordan is going to be a good player who will continue to get better and has the desire to want to get better, while playing at Maryland.