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Various Recruiting News: AAU, McDonald's, More

A few nighttime links on recruiting:

  • Gary Williams met with AAU powerhouse DC Assault head man Curtis Malone recently to "clear the air." Very good news for the Terps - Malone and Williams have never liked each other, which has made it very hard for Maryland to get a player out of DC Assault. Really, really hard. If this does change something, I'd be much more confident in Gary's recruiting skills in the future. It won't change everything, but it's a move in the right direction, at least.
  • The McDonald's All-American Game has officially come up with their rosters, and yes, Lance Stephenson is on it. He'd said he was earlier in the week, but it's nice to get some confirmation. If he ends up at Maryland, it'll be the first McD's AA since Mike Jones, I believe. The one before him was Travis Garrison. At least Gary has a great track record with these guys. Surprisingly, if Lance ends up at UMD, Maryland will have as many McD's AA players as Duke and UNC. (Funny - I saw the one awkward looking white guy and thought - oh, he's going to Duke. He was.)
  • Maryland football offered four - count 'em, four - DeMatha juniors today: Marcus Coker, Ari Kouandjio, Mike Coley, and Lorenzo Waters. That's the first offer for all four, and Coker excites me - he looks pretty solid. It'd be great to pull in all four. The earlier Maryland gets in on these guys, the better.
  • In Maryland women's basketball recruiting, Terp recruit Dara Taylor also earned a McDonald's All-American Game invite. Honestly, I can give no commentary on this, because I know nothing about her, but I wish men's basketball could recruit like the women's team does.