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Jordan, Padgett to Play in Charm City Challenge

Great news to see them playing in an all-star game in Maryland. This needs to happen more.

James Padgett of Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, NY and Jordan Williams of Torrington High School in Torrington, Conn. will take part in the ninth annual Charm City Challenge on Sunday, April 5 at the Towson Center. Both look to make an immediate impact next season on the hardwood for the Terrapins.

I've fallen in love with the impact Jordan could possibly have the team next year. He should be starting from day one. I also love what Padgett brings - energy, hustle, and rebounding off the bench. Next year could halfway decent if these guys turn out.

Also in that article, there was another tidbit buried that I hadn't seen.

The road doesn’t get easier, as Lincoln plays two out of league games against St. Patrick’s (N.J.) and Westchester (Calif) in the coming week. During a recent nationally televised game, Padgett had 17 points, 12 rebounds against highly ranked LeFlore (Ala.). Coach Dwayne “Tiny” Morton of Lincoln will join James as the coach of the United States team in the Charm City Challenge.

In case you don't know exactly who that is, besides being one of the worst coaches in America, he's also Lance Stephenson's head coach. Now, I'm not trying to read too much into this (I seem to say that every day now) but it's weird that a guy from Brooklyn would come down to Baltimore to coach when he has no visible connection to the event (please correct me if I'm wrong on this). Granted, the coach isn't supposed to have a connection to the area (that's why he's the US coach and not the Baltimore one) but what are the odds he'd be the one out of all the coaches? Maybe it's because of his connection to Padgett, but I just find it strange, that's all.

But on topic, it's great to see Jordan and James in Baltimore. The game's April 4th - anyone headed there?