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Greivis Vasquez is a Soldier

Greivis may pass Sean and Landon as my favorite player if he has more quotes like this. Via Sports Bog.

"I mean, if I got to go to war with him, I would die for him before he dies," Vasquez said. I asked a modest death-related follow-up.

"I mean, because of you guys, you're trying to kill him," he explained. "But the man is a winner and is a champion, so you better start writing about games instead of writing about criticizing him. Because we're here to play games, we're not here to sit down, and coach is gonna teach us about media and stuff like that. We're here to learn about basketball and play the game."

Tell 'em, Vaz. Though I'm not sure Gary would be the guy I'd pick to be in my platoon if I were going to war. I'll take Landon, thank you very much. Maybe Sean Mosely.

This fits in with what he said a year or two ago. I don't have a link, but he definitely said something along the lines of "We must vanquish our adversaries." It also fits in with his unofficial nickname, "General Greivous". Vaz has always seemed very militant to me to begin with. Lord knows he'll need to be with the next three games Maryland has.

Any way you slice it, it's great to see him supporting his coach. He seems to love it at Maryland and really love Gary, which makes me feel really bad for criticizing him as much as I have in past seasons. It's good to see him sticking up for his coach.