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Hey, Haven't Had This in Awhile - More Lance Stephenson News

Sorry, but the world revolves around him right now. Gary and the AD have gone back to being boring, there's no interesting comments from Grievis, and one can only do so much with a team that is 95% sure to end up in the NIT, likely the most boring position a team can be in - not bad enough to be interesting, not good enough to be interesting.

Now that I've reasoned out why I should post more on Lance Stephenson, it's on to the actual news, from where else but Zagsblog, which is turning out to be the definitive source on everything Lance Stephenson.

Lance Stephenson confirmed that he will visit Kansas and both Stephenson and North Carolina-bound guard Dexter Strickland will play in the McDonald’s All-American Game April 1 in Miami.


The 6-5 Stephenson, ranked No. 1 in the nation by Hoop Scoop and No. 9 by Rivals, confirmed that he will visit Kansas Feb. 21 for the team’s game against Nebraska. The news was first reported Thursday by ZAGSBLOG.

"Oh, yeah," said Stephenson, who scored a game-high 21 points on 9-of-23 shooting and grabbed 10 rebounds.

"I can see myself fitting in their progam. They play as a team and they’re just willing to win, so I’m just going to see what they’re about and see how can I fit into the program."


"I’m thinking about going to play with Bill Self," Stephenson said. "I think he’ll change me around and [make me] be a smarter player and more focused."


As for the Jordan Brand Classic and McDonald’s All-American Games, both Stephenson and Strickland were left off the former, but made the latter.

"I think McDonald’s is more important than anything," Stephenson said. "If I didn’t make the McDonald’s I’d be more mad, but the McDonald’s I’m happy to be in it."

I still have trouble seeing Lance at Kansas - Lawrence may be a beautiful college town, but it's a huge transition from Coney Island. Not to mention the huge amount of talent there. His quotes were pretty positive, but he probably says that about every school (which likely doesn't bode too well for Maryland; his positive quotes lose a lot of power).

The news about the McD's game is pretty good, though. His name hadn't been dropped yet, so everyone was getting a little anxious. The more exposure he gets, the better.

Also, there was apparently a bit of a mixup last night in the Lincoln locker room, involving - who else? - Nike. Perhaps some more credence has been lended to the "Nike hates Lance theory" - apparently, the Beaverton boys dropped off some new shoes in Lincoln's locker room, but messed up all the sizes. This led to some mismatched shoes - some wore UA, some Nike, some Adidas, etc. Nike was apparently mad at this, took back the shoes they dropped off, and didn't get the right sizes. Hey, anything that drives Lance closer to UA is good by me.