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Quick Look at VT

In all the hubbub about Lance Stephenson (another post coming today!) there's also a game coming up. Y'know, one that actually features the Maryland basketball team.

This is one of the "must-win" games of the rest of the year. Just like GT, if Maryland loses this, it's over. Though the tourney is still a long shot at best, right now it's still a possibility. That possibility disappears with a loss here.

Virginia Tech tends to rely on 3 guys. Really, their team is made up of three people. That's it. AD Vassallo, a pretty good outside shooter, averages 18 a game. Malcolm Delaney also averages 18 points. Jeff Allen, their big man, averages 14 points. The next highest scorer? Well, that would be Dorenzo Hudson with 3. If Maryland can effectively shut down one of the three, and maybe get one in foul trouble, it should be a win. Maryland's talent may not be great, and Tech is playing very well, but the fact remains it'll by 5 on 3. Vasquez is usually as good as anyone on the floor for VT. Millbourne is if he has a good day. I'd have to imagine that Mosely, Hayes, Bowie, Gregory, Neal, Tucker, and Kim could probably add up to the third guy.

VT is also one of the few teams who doesn't rebound lightyears ahead of Maryland. Maryland's differential is slightly higher, but it's close enough to mean the game will be competitive on the boards.

VT's a great team. Their Big 3 are three great players. Teams that don't defend them well will lose to them. But I still can't fathom that the next highest scorer averages about 3.5 a game. If they can shut down one or two guys, it's an easy win. If not, it could get ugly.