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Lance Visiting Kansas

I hate talking about recruiting this much, particularly for just one player. But media availability has been limited (not that I've ever really had any anyway, but no seconhand quotes to talk about), and there's not too much else going on at the present time except Lance Stephenson doing things.

One of those things he is doing is visiting Kansas. They're one of the teams in his top 4, so their a threat, but honestly, I'm not scared of them yet. For one, that's a huge trip for Lance and his family. Kansas is a long, long way away, even compared to Maryland. The environment doens't fit, either. Lance Sr. thought CP was a nice college town - I'm pretty sure he'll feel a bit out of place in Lawrence. It's a huge transformation to go from Coney Island to a cornfield. Kansas has a ton of talent, which doesn't mesh with Lance's personality. It's a pretty well known fact that he wants to be numero uno, and that's not happening at Kansas. Not to mention the media; Kansas may get some play nationally, but their market is extremely small compared to DC/Baltimore.

Anyway, the visit takes place Feb. 21, when Kansas plays Nebraska.

Keith Cavanaugh (pretty much the premium version of the WaPo Terps writers) went on WNST today and said that it's a very long shot to get Lance in a Maryland uniform. I'm not sure I agree; even though I have no inside information, I have trouble believing the odds are as low as he made them seem. For one, New York isn't a college town - SJU will always be second fiddle to the Knicks, no matter how good they are. SJU is a long, long way from competing in March, which, as we all know, is a huge boon to draft stock. I don't think he'll end up in Kansas for the reasons discussed above. USC is still a possibility, but the distance will likely end up being a factor there.

By no means is it a probability, but that doesn't mean there's no hope. And as long as there's hope, I'm going to keep hoping.