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Jordan Williams Breaks a Backboard


Then, Torrington’s 6-foot-10 center, Jordan Williams (47 points), summoned his inner Darryl Dawkins to shatter the Naugatuck backboard with a crushing dunk. With shards of glass all over the floor (and a few in Williams, taken out by the Greyhound trainer), officials suspended the game until today at a time and place still to be decided as of Tuesday evening.

I can't wait. A lot still think JW is dominating due to poor competition, but he's absolutely running the entire state of Conneticut this year. He should start from day one at center. He's currently averaging about 37 and 19 a game. Against any competition, those are some great numbers. If JW ends up as good as he can be and Maryland lands Lance Stephenson, next year could be very, very good.