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GW Sees Lance Stephenson's Greatness in Person


A lot of people give GW a lot of flack for not recruiting hard enough - he doesn't go to the games, he doesn't talk to the players. The "Critics Shell Williams" thing was proof. But hey, look at this! Gary went to go see BR's game today! (Yeah, there's some sarcasm, but only a tiny bit.) And when he went, he saw quite a sight.

Via Zags:

Lance Stephenson dropped 50 points tonight as Lincoln routed FDR 113-78 in the first round of the Brooklyn Borough Championships.

And he did it with Maryland Coach Gary Williams looking on.

The 6-foot-5 Stephenson took an official visit to Maryland two weeks ago and now includes the Terps on his short list along with St. John’s, Kansas and USC.

It's good to know that BR had a great performance when Gary came. Also via Zags, Keith Booth was watching Tobias Harris and Achraf Yocobou on the same night, both New York stars as well...interesting.

Also, there are some rumors that BR got left off the Jordan All-Star Classic's roster. It's somewhat shocking to see an all-star of this magnitude in NYC leave off perhaps the best player of the year and an NYC legend. Some people are still working the whole shoe deal angle (Jerry Meyer recently mentioned something along the lines of "Lance is visiting Maryland due to Under Armor possibly sponsoring him), which I suppose is a possibility. I still can't really figure out any other reason they'd leave him off unless he snubbed them. After all, you can only play in two all-star games every year, so maybe he found a different one? Both scenarios seem equally as doubtful.

Of course, the best way for that situation to play out is that BR turned them down for the Capital Classic (an Under Armor event), but I have my doubts on that one.