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Rumor: Terps in Top 3 for Stephenson

Here at Testudo Times, we don't like to report rumors much. It's poor form in journalism. However, calling us true journos is a stretch at best, so I post every single rumor I come across.

The newest one is probably the most exciting I've ever seen - the rumor states that Born Ready is down to just 3 teams, and Maryland is one of them. The other two are Memphis and St. John's. This isn't concrete, but I could see it as realistic.

If this is true, Maryland is in some great shape. Memphis is leading for a few other Top 10 players, so they don't really have the space. There's another rumor that they've stopped actually recruiting him, so Memphis appears to be a bit of a longshot.

That puts Maryland competing with St. John's, who's been the leader for a long time. But Maryland is climbing very, very fast, and has outrecruited SJU so far this year. Not to mention his friend James Padgett is at Maryland. Maryland arguably has a better base for him to "save" than SJU - it'll be easier, but he gets just as much pub.

It may be a "desperate" move if you believe the Post, but if Gary pulls this off, it would really set Maryland in a great spot.