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More On Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson might have completely restored my faith in Maryland Terrapins basketball, and technically, we're not even on his list yet.

Stephenson is completely legit. He's similar to the old GV in that he forces the issue at times, but, unlike GV, he still hits the "forced issue" shots. He is a freakish combo of size and agility. There are some issues off the court, mainly an accusation of sexual abuse and getting into a fight with a teammate (and if you watch the video, on the below link, there's a hilarious instance of him chucking the ball at a player on the playground). But no doubt about it, most consider him the top player in the game right now.

And oh yeah, he had a webisode series as a junior.

I write this a lot, but Maryland is a longshot when it comes to this kid. However, it appears we're rising up the ladder quickly, because he came to Maryland for an OV and didn't just come to the game. He actually made his way around town. He was spotted at Bentley's before the game. He talked a little bit with Gary after the game. During the game he talked with Dave Sollazzo (he recruits for more than just football, apparently), Travis Hawkins, and Steve Bisciotti. There were quite a few signs, a "We Want Lance" chant was started a few times, too. He seemed very into the game - he would bob his head to the fight song, "We Will Rock You", and "Zombie Nation". He went into DC with Greivis after the game, which can only be a good thing. He may have even been in CP this morning, having breakfast on campus. Not to mention, it was a win with a pumped up crowd that supported Gary and seemed to know he was in the building.

To be honest, I can't see the visit going any better than it did, at least from an external point of view. Hopefully he sees it the same way.

(Note: I found this funny - Maryland's top competition right now is St. John's. Both of Maryland's recruits (Padgett and Jordan Williams) were both very high on SJU at one point in time. Maybe the Terps can pull off the three-peat?)