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Maryland Minute 12.09.09 - Post Season Accolades

All-ACC team - ESPN

Alex Wujciak is the team's lone representative. Can't really argue with that.

Coleman named to All-Star game -

If Maryland can land Brandon Coleman they'll have at least one player in the Under Armor All-Star game. - Ben B.

Terps Women's Soccer Finishes 11th

Not too shabby for a team that finished last season with a losing record.  Also, sophomore forward Jasmyne Spencer earned first team All-Southeast Region honors while sophomore defender Mallory Baker cracked the third team. 

Mosley has made noticeable progress - The Diamondback

This guy's quickly becoming my favorite Terp.

 Season wrap-up: Maryland - Dinich

We know it all already (we lived it, after all), but it's whatever. Torrey's the offensive MVP, and Wujciak the defensive MVP. No sign of Nick Ferrara. - Ben B.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Matt Robinson
Sounds good.

His intangibles are what is going to make him, I think, good in college. His size is solid, his speed is good, his strength is good and it will continue to get better. But the intangibles that Matt brings are what helped us."

I've slowly become a Robinson fan. His senior season has been great and he's grown on me. For what it's worth, the early guess on him as playing at safety. - Ben B.

Towson Hopes to "Pack the House" vs. Lady Terps Tomorrow Night

Its the 15th time these two teams will meet, with the Terps leading the series 10-4. It'd be nice if the guys team could do something like this too.  Who wouldn't love to see a Jordan Williams vs. Braxton Dupree matchup?