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Maryland Minute 12.08.09 - Terps Getting Beaten on the Boards

Credit to Ben B. for most of the links today.  

Terps' Rebounding Issues Continue - The Diamondback

Yup. And it's only going get tougher once ACC play starts. With Dino back in the lineup, though, those rebound numbers should improve. - Ben G.

Hayes Needs to "Stay Aggressive" - Terps Insider

Remember ACCT-era Hayes? That's the one I like.

"I think he got more aggressive," Williams said. "Eric, you know, that's the constant theme: stay aggressive, stay aggressive. And sometimes he is and sometimes he isn't. But I like the way he responded at halftime. In other words, he came out and he knew we needed to score. He was willing to do that. It's hard being a scorer because you're kind of putting yourself out there. If you don't make shots, you look bad. And Eric took that responsibility tonight. It was good to see."

Montrose Christian Season Preview

I'm liking the budding pipeline here, and they should be one of the best teams in the nation. 

Interesting Look at Freshman Stats - Luke Winn

Good take by Winn on the stats of freshmen across rankings. Informative and interesting.

'Turtle' pays back fellow Terrapins - The Frederick News-Post

Like Maryland baseball? This will be a good read for you. It's on Bob "Turtle" Smith, a big time Maryland baseball donor.

Maryland Associate AD a Candidate for Kent State AD Job

No idea why it's relevant considering it's Anton Goff, not the more vocal Brian Ullman, but it's related to Maryland, after all.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Andre Monroe

I like what I hear with Monroe. Size is overrated in college, in my opinion, and a quicker guy like Monroe can do damage.