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Maryland Minute 12.07.09 - More Praise for Mosley

There's no doubt about it.  He's the best guy out there right now.
There's no doubt about it. He's the best guy out there right now.

Props to bbroman for most of the links today.  

Mosley Shoulders Heavy Offensive Load - Terps Insider
Best player on the team at the moment.

"Sean Mosley is one of those guys that is great to have on a team because of how hard he goes," Williams said. On Sunday, "he really shot it well, but even without shooting the ball well he does so many things that he really helps your team."

My Take: Couldn't agree more. If he continues on this pace, he'll win All-ACC honors. 

Brice Laughlin to Kentucky
Well, crud. Laughlin looked promising, though Maryland was getting a bit thick in the DT area. Still, losing him hurts.

Attrition always happens, but it seems to be coming along a little quicker this year, no doubt accelerated by the two win year. The key will be holding on to all the remaining recruits - that's difficult under normal conditions, likely impossible now.

Lady Terps Crack Top 25
If it wasn't for that MSU loss, this team is top 15 material. Probably are anyway.

Yep, Maryland Did Fall in the Local Poll

Surpassed by Virginia Tech.

--Exhibition win over Indiana (Pa.) led to win over the real Indiana. Terps already searching the map for a Duke (Pa.). (Mike Steele)

Analyzing London to UVA - Dinich
I'm actually a bit afraid:

It’s a great, smart hire for Virginia, as London is well-respected by his peers, he’s ready for the opportunity, and he is a native of Hampton, Va., with local ties and excellent knowledge of the recruiting area. Opposing ACC coaches should be concerned, because with the right players, there’s no reason Virginia can’t be successful under London.

100% Unreliable Source Says ACC to be Televised by FOX
It's Bleacher Report, so don't trust it, but oh my God this needs to happen. Please happen. Please happen.

Taylor Wins (Wrestling) Title at Penn State Open - Official Site
Congrats to senior Hudson Taylor who broke the school record for career wins over the weekend. Pretty impressive. - Ben G.