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Testudo Times' Championship Week Blog Poll Ballot

I am not happy with yesterday's football. Not at all.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 TCU 1
3 Texas 1
4 Boise State 2
5 Cincinnati
6 Florida 5
7 Oregon
8 Ohio State
9 Georgia Tech 3
10 Virginia Tech 1
11 Iowa
12 Penn State 2
13 LSU 2
14 Pittsburgh 1
15 Miami (Florida) 1
16 Nebraska 7
17 Oregon State 3
18 Oklahoma State 1
19 Brigham Young
20 West Virginia 1
21 Stanford 3
22 Clemson
23 Northwestern 2
24 Arizona
25 Wisconsin
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Southern Cal (#18), Houston (#19), Utah (#20), California (#22).

  • Alabama at 1 was a no-brainer. They'll run through whoever gets to the national championship game. It won't even be close. I welcome our new Tuscaloosan overlords.
  • Wha? Texas at 3? Yes, if  you watched that game and felt that Texas could take on Alabama I don't know what to say to you. I was wrong about Nebraska, but Alabama will destroy them. A last-second FG off the luck of the ball sinking a half-second early isn't enough for me to jump them above a team that hasn't been challenged once this year.
  • Boise State jumps Cincy for the same reason. Maybe it's just because I'm feeling bitter, but Cincy was a missed XP away from overtime, and possibly a loss. Boise State thrashed whoever they played. Quality opponent or not, I'm a BSU fan right now.
  • Florida stays above Oregon. If it wasn't for the overly protective Rose Bowl, that game would be amazing.
  • I can't really qualify why Penn State got jumped by a few times but Iowa stayed put. I guess I just have to say that Iowa beat PSU, and I have a feeling it would happen again if they went head-to-head (obviously they wouldn't, but whatever).
  • Props to Nebraska for the Texas game. Blew away my expectations.