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Maryland Minute 12.4.09 - Future Terps Fall in 4A Championship Game

Wise came up short in a  big game. Image via <a href=""></a>
Wise came up short in a big game. Image via

Old Mill Defeats Two Terp Commits In State Championship
Josh Furman, a former Terp target, and Old Mill triumphed over Titus Till and Rahsaan Moore of Wise. That's an upset, but props to the future Terps on getting that far.

Jerry Meyer Calls TRoss a Top 10 Sharpshooter
That's a very good thing.

Terps football '09 in review: Freshman usage - D1SCOURSE
A nice companion piece to the myriad pieces on burning redshirts needlessly, although this one isn't quite as critical.

Maryland plus-minus: Indiana - D1SCOURSE
Landon Milbourne was the most effective, and Choi (unsurprisingly) the least. Maryland could use a confident shooter something fierce, and he just hasn't shown it.

People still love Byron Mouton - Bog
I know I do.

"I thought it was over, but people still coming up to me like thank you, just thanking me," Mouton told me. "It happens all the time. It's amazing. I tell my mom, my brothers and everybody I'm familiar with, people will still talk about that championship until there's another one. That's what I believe."

Lady Terps Defeat Minnesota 66-45
Big win for Brenda and the girls. That's now 42 straight home wins. Pretty impressive. - Ben G.

Terps Wrestling Update - Diamondback
27 sports, 1 team. This sport's team is a good team. The Terps are going up against UNC, and it looks like it could be surprisingly close.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Devin Burns got a Georgia offer after committing, but stayed on anyway. That's encouraging.

Terp Rivalry in the Pros on Sunday
Josh Wilson vs. Vernon Davis. I'd pay money for that.