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Maryland Minute 12.30.09 - Fallout From a Bad Day for Maryland Basketball

They Were Who We Thought They Were!
Only we didn't let them off the hook: they never had them on the hook.

"We knew exactly what they were going to do," Williams said. "I watched all the games they played this year. The players watched a lot of tape. We couldn’t stop them, to their credit. And they stopped us."

Jordan Williams' Reaction
From Twitter, natch.

It's not how hard you can hit, it's how hard you can get hit and keep's only gonna make us stronger fellas...we a family!

It's only because he hasn't been a fan for a long time.

Born Ready Hits Winning FTs, Upsets UCONN
I feel like crying right now.

Vasquez: Terps need to be more exciting
I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm more concerned with winning than dunking. Landon had an awesome dunk when Maryland was down 13.

Ralph Friedgen Could Learn Something From Gary
Take careful note, Fridge.

"They seemed to play with more enthusiasm," Maryland coach Gary Williams said. "We're not the type of team that can show up and go through the motions. That's my responsibility."

A coach saying that makes the loss so much easier to swallow for me. It sucks, but at least he's not using excuses.

The Infamous 2002 Class is the 8th Biggest DC Area Bust of the Decade
Yes. And some nice perspective, given our current predicament.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Ian Evans
I never thought I'd say this, but: I don't want to talk about basketball recruiting anymore, let's talk about football recruiting.

Virginia Upsets UAB
Oi. Could this day get worse?

Chris McCray Signs in the D-League
Huh. Well then.