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Maryland Minute 12.03.09 - More Responses to Ralph's Return

I had a chance to talk to one of the basketball players yesterday and he said that Dino has been "tearing it up" in practice.  Just thought I'd pass it along... 

Recruit Reactions: Part I - IMS

I know Ben B. posted a quote from this earlier but it really is worth the whole read.  It's good to see that the newest Terps haven't given up on the big guy, and the program, just yet.

Ralph's Email to the Terrapin Club

Ralph is obviously being a little overly optimistic.  Is this year's recruiting class really ranked 26th nationally?  Regardless, the letter gave me some much needed optimism for next season. 

Former MD LB Eric Wilson Shares His Thoughts On Ralph Friedgen

About the same as everyone else, though slightly less convinced.

Well I thought it was a smart decision by the university. Coach Friedgen has been a very dedicated coach and a very dedicated person to the university and although we had a disappointed season this year, I know a number of things, injuries … you know, a number of things that brought on adversity, I think that he deserved to have another opportunity, another year to come back and show that he can turn the program around.

A number of things. Like injuries...and...other things.

Are you looking for bad weather and God?

I kid, I kid. - Ben B.

Brandon Coleman Down to Three, Taking Visits Soon

Good deal.

Coleman, who is 6 feet 7, will travel to Rutgers this weekend. Maryland is next on the itinerary the following weekend, with Syracuse on schedule for Jan. 15.
He would be a gigantic get for Maryland considering their season. There's probably room for three more players, and Coleman would be a good one. - Ben B.

My Take:  He's one of the best left on MD's board.  Go get em' Ralph! 

What's Dave Neal up to?

Playing basketball and going to school in Northern Ireland. If you want more than that, you can check out his new blog. 

Well, At Least One UVA Fan Dislikes Maryland A Lot

We do have a rival?

A win against Maryland in the regular season home finale would be pretty sweet, as well. The Terrapins are a hated rival — I dislike them even more in men’s basketball than I do in football. There’s nothing I love more than making the Terps mad and Gary Williams sweat. We took it to them last year when Terrapin fans tried to invade the JPJ student section. Our last two wins against Maryland really damaged the Terps’ NCAA Tournament hopes, and the 2008 win marked a deciding factor in their failure to make the tourney that year. Mr. Coach Bennett, I’ve witnessed the Wahoos defeat the Terps every time they’ve visited JPJ during my time here — make it a sweep!

Ben B.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Nate Clarke

Probably the best incoming recruit for Maryland, Clarke could be part of a killer OL if Maryland locks down Max Garcia...and Clarke ends up there.

The biggest question facing Clarke is which side the ball he will play on when he suits up for the Terps. Clarke’s preference is defense, according to Houchens, but some coaches feel his upside may be higher on offense.

Ben B.