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Maryland Minute 12.29.09 - Basketball Injury Updates

The Terps are going to need Mosley's defense in order to stop a sharp-shooting William and Mary team.
The Terps are going to need Mosley's defense in order to stop a sharp-shooting William and Mary team.

The MM comes early today because I'm off to Orlando for the week.  Hope everybody has a healthy and happy new year!

Mosley Likely Good to Go vs. W&M

Sean Mosley (ankle) will likely return for William & Mary game. Terps need their starting guard against pretty good opponent tomorrow night. - Ben B. 

Steve Goins in Chicago for Surgery

Jerome Burney, Part Deux. - Ben B.

Three-point defense the key for Terps against Tribe " Terrapin Trail

Three-point defense is an area the Terps have struggled with this season. Tomorrow's game should be a big test for this team. 

Ranking the top 10 sports stories of the past decade --

Came out a few days ago but I just saw it. Two Terp moments make the list; the 2002 Natty and the 2001 Football ACC Championship. Sun writer Keith Van Valkenburg has a write-up on each.  

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Darius Kilgo

Not overly in love with the kid, but he's huge, and you can never have too many DL.

"He was particularly impressed with how he looked physically," Hardin said. "Darius has lost some weight and I think [Friedgen] was surprised at how physically fit he was. What Coach Friedgen talked about mainly was academics and the type of people they want to recruit to Maryland. And I think Darius fits that role of the type of person Coach Friedgen wants to have at Maryland."

- Ben B.

Terp Target Greg Lewis Drops 18 at Beach Ball Classic

He's a 2011 guard from the same high school as Sean Mosley (St. Frances.) Lewis isn't on the same level as say, Trevor Cooney, but he's still someone I'd love to see the Terps take a hard look at. Here's what Rivals had to say about his performance over the weekend:

"Lewis looks better every time we have seen him recently. He is aggressively pursuing the ball off the glass and showing an increasing confidence as a scorer with the ball in the low post. 6-6 from the line bodes well for the future as well."  

GSK Invitational Wrap-up

Things we learned over the weekend; NC State bound Ryan Harrow is really good, Carolina bound Reggie Bullock is also really good, and C.J. Leslie is ridiculously good. I can't remember a year where one conference pulled in so much top talent.