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Maryland Minute 12.28.09 - Vasquez Named ACC POW

Credit to Ben B. for most of the links today.  

Vasquez Named ACC PoW

He deserves it.

My Take: The guy's averaging over 20 points, 8 boards, and 8 assists over the last three games.  Take that Greivis haters!

Terps Switching Up Front Court

Hopefully it stays this way. Dino is perfect to come off the bench, Jordan Williams is perfect to start.

"That was my call," Gary Williams said. "I just thought that maybe a different look would be good for both guys, especially Dino where he played so well last year coming off the bench, to do it again might help him. So we'll see how that goes."

My Take: Couldn't agree more. 

Coleman Decision Not Imminent

Brandon Coleman isn't deciding anything anytime soon. He would be an excellent way to cap off the class, especially if he's paired with Tony Grimes.

Coleman has yet to make his college choice, but it is believed that Maryland and Rutgers are the two schools he is strongly considering. Keithline said he does not expect Coleman to announce his choice before the National Letter-of-Intent signing period begins on Feb. 3. All-Decade Team

Out of all these, 7 went to Maryland. I don't know the ratio compared to other schools, but that doesn't seem that good to me.

Lady Terps Take Down Stony Brook 76-44

It was their 45th straight win in College Park. Sophomore Lynetta Kizer had her 12th career double-double. - Ben G.

TTU Suspends Mike Leach

Quite a few of us were requesting Leach back when Friedgen's job was up in the air. He's been suspended for "complains from a player...about treatment after an injury." Well then, I suppose we can cross him off the list.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap — Big night for Gibbs

Wow, Sterling Gibbs dropped 38. I'm pretty high on the guy, he'd be a great pickup.