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Maryland Not Recruiting Enough In-State Talent

This will be mentioned later today in the Maryland Minute, but I thought it was a story worthy of a full post.'s came up with their all decade high school football team for the state of Maryland. The good news? We have a lot of football talent in our state. The bad news? Only about 20% of it is playing their college football at Maryland.

Three quick take away pieces from this:

1. Of the 30 players on the list, only 7 (23%) (Foxworth, Hey-Bey, Varner, Henderson, Merriman, Lenz and Tate) went to UMD. That's pretty sad. After watching ESPN's 30 for 30 on Miami and how they turned their football program around by recruiting hard locally and cornering off every recruit in their back yard, it's clear the Terps need to do this too, and fast. Right now, any college thinks they can walk in here and cherry pick our best away from us. Our staff needs to make it challenging and not worth the effort for this coaches to walk into the State of Maryland and steal away our talent. 

2. The Terps did get some good people to come UMD - Merriman, Erin Henderson, Foxworth, Hey-Bey.

3. Our recruiting staff needs to show that if you're a big time, in-state recruit and you play at UMD, you're going to go to and do well in the NFL. Just look at those above names. When you factor in Vernon Davis, who although wasn't a "state of Maryland product" but rather D.C. product, you're looking at a lot of first round draft picks - Davis, Hey-Bey, Merriman, all within the first 15 picks of the draft's first round. Since Ralph took over as head coach, he's had three 1st round picks, four 2nd rounders and four 3rd rounders. Not too shabby, especially when you consider the fact that Jared Gaither failed out and went in the supplemental draft and likely would have been a late 1st or early 2nd round pick had he left early or not failed out). How is that not a selling point for us in recruiting? (I'm sure it is, but why isn't it working?). Even worse for Maryland is that they're not really competing with another school in-state for talent, like Florida, FSU and Miami do.

What are your thoughts? Does anyone have any insight on how other big schools do with in-state talent? I have no basis for this, but I feel like our in-state talent recruitment for 4 and 5 star guys should be around 50%.