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Maryland Minute 12.28.09 - Mosley "Between 70 and 75 Percent"

Sorry for the small MM today - not much happenin'.

Mosley About 75%
He's got some time to get back. Wouldn't rush it. Just a tweaked ankle. He is expected to play against William and Mary.

CJ Barksdale to VT
Maryland sniffed around for awhile. I wouldn't have minded landing him at all.

Bruce Campbell Drops a Spot in a Mock
Yes, I'll keep linking to Walter Football - they're one of the better, lesser-known football sites on the internet. Back in my NFL Draft blogging days, they were a go-to source.

Anyway, Big Bruce is going #7 here. I hope we're selling this kind of stuff to recruits hard. We all know the league is the main target, in the end, and Maryland gets people there.

Two Videos to Remind You Why We're Recruiting C.J. Leslie
The first is above. In case you forgot, the dude can be a defensive menace in addition to a ridiculously athletic dunking machine. Oh, and he could be Maryland's first player to rock the arm sleeve. The second one is here, and he has another ridiculous putback slam, plus a nasty windmill.

DeMatha/St. John's Highlights
Nice highlights from a prime WCAC matchup. Players to watch on the tape: 15 on St. John's (Julian DeBose) and 30 on DeMatha (Mikael Hopkins).