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Statistical Impressions from Maryland's Win Over Florida Atlantic

I was out of the house for the Maryland-Florida Atlantic game, so I can't give too many real thoughts on it. I can, however, look at stats, and give my thoughts off that. And stats, like hips, do not lie.

First off: Greivis Vasquez has returned. There's still some stuff to work on - I'm not liking the four turnovers, especially when compared to the 2 assists (my bad, or ESPN's) - but the good news is that he's on the right track. Tough to find fault with 26 points and 8 rebounds.

I expected more than a 13 point margin, which is scary close for a team like Florida Atlantic, but it's tough to tell how much Sean Mosley's absence hurt this team. Without seeing the game, I'll take it.

If Vasquez's solid performance was the positive from the game, rebounding was the resounding negative. We knew Jordan Williams and James Padgett weren't godsends that would magically fix these issues, but I'm reminded of some of last year's awful rebounding efforts. Not exactly encouraging stuff. Everything needs to get better from everbody.  

I was happy to see Cliff Tucker's solid performance in place of Mosley, who had a minor ankle sprain. He only had 11 points and his shooting stats were fairly average, but he wasn't bad, and that's a good sign. It was nice to see him get rewarded for a good performance. 

Williams wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped he would've been. It wasn't a bad performance, per se, and I was glad to see him start, but we know he's capable of more. On the flip side, Dino Gregory finally logged his first offensive rebound of the season - I don't care that there was only one, progress is progress. Still, Williams, even on a bad day, statistically outperformed Gregory.

Couple other minor notes: good to see Landon Milbourne is still a solid #2 offensive option. It was somewhat reassuring to see that Eric Hayes, when ineffective offensively, can still contribute; he had 9 assists. Without Mosley, I knew the rotation would be shorter, but I was surprised to see it at just 8 men, with Padgett seeing just 6 minutes. No Jin Soo Choi was definitely a surprise - this is the second game in a row he's been a non-entity.

I'll look at it more tonight and tomorrow and get some more stuff up. If anybody saw it, a FanPost of impressions would be greatly appreciated.