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Maryland Minute 12.24.09 - Ridiculously Early Bracketology

Today's MM is abbreviated because well, there's just not much out there today.  Hope everybody's enjoying their holiday. 

ACC early season review - ESPN

Terps are named the most disappointing ACC team thus-far.

"The Terrapins don't have any awful losses. There's no shame in losing to Wisconsin, Cincinnati and Villanova but those really are the only three tough teams Maryland has played. I thought this season the Terps wouldn't leave their NCAA tournament status down to the wire. That doesn't look likely right now." She goes onto say that Maryland is on its usual "bubble seat."

Here's the problem Ms. O' Neil: It's friggin December. Maryland's not on a "bubble seat" because the bubbles haven't even been blown yet. Talk about bubbles and tourney locks after some ACC games have been played. Until then, saying that the Terps are "on the bubble" means absolutely nothing. 

Bracket Watch - Andy Glockner

Kudos to aMo for the link. Again, way too early for bracketology. We'll see if the Terps are a tourney team once they've played a good part of their ACC schedule.  

The Incredible Evolving Greivis - Terrapin Trail

Good read on Greivis. We'll go as far as he takes us this year.

"Vasquez, who left the game for the final time with fellow senior Eric Hayes, didn’t take a seat right away. Instead, he walked down the bench and high-fived each person all the way to the end- including managers."

"Even though he’s struggled to find his shot for most of this season, almost everyone around the team has continued to point to his improved leadership." 

MaxPreps: DeMatha at 6, Montrose at 22

Wow, MC took a hit. Talent-wise, top ten team. I have to agree, though, Iolani wasn't good for them. - Ben B.