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Maryland Minute 12.23.09 - Dissecting the Winston-Salem Win

Props to Ben B. for most of today's links. 

Bench play helps Terps wear down Rams

More on Tucker and Bowie. Good deal.

"I thought coming out in the second half we did a good job of using our whole team, you know, getting guys in there, and everybody that went in there played hard really," Gary Williams said.

And some more Bowie - D1SCOURSE

Last night was a good one for Adrian Bowie, as he went 3-5 from behind the arc. I'm still not sold on his shot, though. - Ben G.

Maryland unsatisfied with halfcourt defense in first half - Terrapins Inside

This won't get enough talk, but it was very concerning. The defense wasn't great.

Outside Shooting, Bench Play Emerge in Terps Win - IMS

"I think you can see tonight what he’s (Vasquez) capable of," Williams said.  "It’s there and it’ll happen and hopefully he’s on his way." 

Added Vasquez: "I’m supposed to have those games everyday."

I'll take a near triple-double every night from Greivis. - Ben G. 

Pearman out with knee injury - D1SCOURSE

Won't effect the product on the court really but hopefully he gets better soon. 

More Conference-Changing Chatter - Dinich

It won't end.

Justin in Greenville, S.C. writes: Heather, excuse me for any disconnect from the rest of the world on my part, but any insight on conference restructure for SEC and ACC? I'm hearing things on the local radio here in Upstate, SC that Arkansas may be leaving the SEC and Clemson is a target. Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.


HD: Justin, any talk that you've heard is just that, talk. Nobody at the ACC offices in Greensboro is expecting anyone in the conference to go anywhere anytime soon. And why on earth would any team in the SEC leave all that money?

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Tyrek Cheeseboro

Quiet year for Tyrek, but I'm still exited.

"He’s going to be good," White said. "He has those intangibles, and of course his speed. He’s a good route-runner and he’s going to get better. His yards after the catch is tremendous. I look forward to seeing him at the next level."