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More on Maryland-Winston-Salem State: Dominant Performance (On One End)

After looking over some of the stats from last night, one thing to take away from the Maryland Terrapins' big win over the generally terrible Winston-Salem State Rams was that the offensive performance put on by Maryland was nothing short of dominant.

For one, they put up the highest points per possession and efficiency rating since a December of 2006 matchup with the Kangaroos of Missouri-Kansas City. Unsurprisingly, Maryland hadn't topped their 98 point performance since that same game, when they put up 101. They also had their highest eFG% since before the 2004-05 year, and maybe longer (I got tired of looking).

Plus, Greivis Vasquz had arguably the second- or third-best statistical performance of his career, with 27 points, 12 assists, and 8 rebounds.

Then again, this was supposed to happen. Winston-Salem State is a bottom five team, and probably the worst team Maryland has played in quite some time. What was more surprising was the generally average defensive performance from Maryland.

WSS had the 346th best offensive efficiency ranking, per KenPom - and there's 347 teams. It's more than a little surprising, then, that the Rams didn't put up the worst offensive performance of any team Maryland has faced thus far. Actually, Maryland's defensive performance was just the fourth best on the season, a stark contrast to the unprecedented dominance on the other end.

The other minor issue was WSS's ease in rebounding; they had an advantage a few minutes into the second half, until Jordan Williams got on the floor. While Gary Williams recognized those problems, he seemed fairly nonchalant, and I'm kind of feeling that way too. I expect more Jordan Williams on the floor, and the team seemed to run better defensively when he was on the court, and remember that this team was rusty (hadn't played in ten days). Defensive assignments are easy to forget when you're not practicing them.

Another thing to keep in mind is the resurgence of Adrian Bowie and Cliff Tucker, but I'll let the MM links handle that for today. Right now, I'm just patiently awaiting Christmas while celebrating one of Maryland's best offensive performances - albeit against an awful team - of the decade.