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Friendly Reminder: Maryland Basketball Plays Again Tomorrow

Shaken off the snow? Fully recovered from a great weekend of basketball and snow fights? Forget Maryland basketball existed? That's understandable, considering the Terps haven't played in ten days. They'll be back on the court tomorrow, though, taking on the 2-6 Winston-Salem State Rams. That means its time to get back in basketball-watching mode.

My original write-up on the Rams wasn't exactly complimentary, and nothing has changed since. This team is not a good one, and Maryland should win with ease. In the WaPo, WSS's coach described them as "opportunistic", and Maryland will have to provide plenty of opportunities for them to have any shot.

As a quick reminder, WSS's best player is senior guard Brian Fisher, their leader in scoring and assists. The other player to watch out for is Shelton Carter, a junior 6-5 forward who will probably match up with Sean Mosley. He has the ability to score more than Fisher, but is generally more inconsistent.

I'm fully expecting an easy win, though the score might not get too out of hand until late. Don't be surprised if David Pearman and Ersin Levent crack five or ten minutes of PT, and Steve Goins might be right there with them.

As for a random prediction, I'm feeling Jin Soo Choi tomorrow. I'm calling a made three and a block, for no other reason than he'll be seeing lots of playing time and has to score eventually.

Final prediction: Maryland 78, WSS 59. Couldn't break 20.