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Maryland Minute 12.20.09 - Mychal Parker's Bittersweet Return

Mychal Parker
Mychal Parker

Mychal Parker Upset in Hometown
Good: rocking the mohawk and dropped 18. Bad: lost to a much worse team.

Not really looking to get into a discourse here about this, but I'm torn on Parker for this reason. He has the innate ability to dominate and is smooth as butter. At the same time, he's played generally poor competition, hasn't made a name for himself in AAU, and is inconsistent. This is the type of game he should've taken over. That said, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Everybody can have a bad day (when that's 18 points, that's a pretty good bad day), and Maryland hasn't had someone with his ceiling since Mike Jones.

Lady Terps Rebound With Win
Nice comeback from a rough loss. Maybe it has something to do with the amount their assistants get paid.

Moise Fokou Finding Place in Philly
Wow, he has turned out great. Great story, and I'm glad to see him finding playing time. Maryland is an extremely underrated LB school. Sell that hard to Curtis Grant and Seth Hinsley.

Bruce Campbell's Draft Stock Takes a Hit
Rutgers LT Anthony Davis is entering the draft. That probably pushes Bruce down a level.

Indiana Basketball Update
Not looking great. It'd be great if they could pull off some upsets in conference play for a nice little RPI boost.

Remember Ater Majok?
Made his debut for UConn today. 1 point, 3 boards.

Slow day.