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Maryland Minute 12.02.09 - MD/IU Notes

Tom Crean would prefer Indiana fans not use naughty language - The Dagger

Indiana fans were calling Greivis Vasquez a thing that begins with p and ends with y. - Ben B.

Saved by the zone - Terrapins Insider

The switch to zone might have saved the game for the Terps. Just another example of Gary Williams being one of the best in-game coaches in the country. 

MD/IU Wrap up - Indiana Official Site

One interesting note: The Terps actually out-rebounded the Hooisers, 43-41. Gotta give a lot credit to freshman Jordan WIlliams who brought in 11 boards. 

Choi provides helping hand - Terrapins Insider

Yeah, okay, I guess JSC can provide some minutes. But wow, he's tough to watch.

Choi played only eight minutes Tuesday night, but his role was valuable nonetheless. He subbed in frequently for Milbourne late in the first half when the Terrapins were on defense. He didn't stay in long, but he kept Milbourne from picking up a third foul. Choi was credited with one point and two rebounds on the night, and in fact, Maryland's entire bench tallied just six points.

- Ben B. 

An Early Look at Next Season (FB)

The two most intriguing games to me are against Navy in Baltimore and against West Virginia. These two teams (and Virginia) are the closest thing that Maryland has to a rivalry in football. The Terps should be playing Navy and/or WVU every year. 

Notes and quotes about Friedgen - Tracking the Terps

The best one comes from Jared Harrell, a senior defensive lineman.

"We never took a day off. And a lot of that is because of the big guy," Harrell said.

It's good to see the players standing up for their coach.  Maybe the anti-Fridge talk will motivate the team next season just like the anti-Gary talk motivated his team last year. 

Men's Soccer to Face UVA Friday

A trip to the Final Four will be on the line when the Terps take on UVA Friday night at 7.  I don't know if there's another soccer team I'd rather beat en-route to the Final Four.