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The Best of Maryland's 2009, Through Youtube

I'm snowed-in, you're probably snowed in, and there's not much going on news-wise. That means its time to reminisce and watch the best videos of the past year (decade will be arriving shortly):

The Dave Neal Screen

Who could forget this? First he destroys Nolan Smith, then he finishes it off with a huge 3. This sequence is engrained into my memory. Absolutely amazing couple of plays by Neal; it epitomizes why Maryland fans loved him so.

The Clemson Upset

You won't find too many people to argue that Maryland was a good football team this year, but for a day, they were great. Never complain about a 3 point win over a team that went to the ACC Championship. This was the game that gave us a little bit of hope for the year, and probably (no, certainly) saved Ralph Friedgen's job.

The First Round NCAA Win Over Cal

For a year, Cal ended up being Maryland's bitches. Maryland easily beat the Golden Bears despite being the underdog, and the victory couldn't have been sweeter. For the best part of the game, fast-forward to about 1:19 to see the sweet Dino Gregory double-clutch putback.

The Longest (Greatest?) Lacrosse Game Ever

The end of this game still pisses me off, and I still steam every time I watch it. That said, this was the longest lacrosse game ever, and (for my money) the best. It was a joy to watch (until the end), and will go down in the record books. It's a must-see game, even if you will be angered at the end.

The Greivis Vasquez Three to Finish Off NCSt

It was the target of non-stop talk for the next few days: the GV 3 at the buzzer. Necessary? Not really. But still great. That'll teach NC State fans for heckling the best guard in the ACC (when he's on).

The Performance, The Upset



Whenever you start to wane on Greivis Vasquez - as many of us have been doing - watch these videos. Bask in the glory.


This was all I could find on the Tube. Post any and all suggestions below.